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Open Thread, 8/17/2010: Padres vs Cubs

One thing about yesterday's game that I didn't mention was how terrific Kevin Correia was. He was on the 1090 morning show today and he talked a little bit about being able to take a few days off really helped him to get his head in order after the death of his brother. I think it's showing in his play and it makes me happy both for him and the team that he's finding success on the field again.

So the Padres go into game 2 against the Cubs. Game 1 was handled relatively convincingly and looking at the lineups for Game 2, it's amazing to me how pleased I am with what I see. Was it so long ago that a 7/8 of Will Venable and Chris Denorfia would've garnered a response from me like, "eh?" Now, I'm fulling expecting 4 RBI a game from the bottom third of the lineup.

I'm gonna call the 2010 Padres lineup, Petty Theft Row. They aren't out there to murder anybody, but if you're not careful, they'll steal games from you, eventually forcing you to reevaluate your bottom line and raise prices for others.

From @SDPadres:

#Padres lineup 8/17: J. Hairston 4, Tejada 6, Gonzalez 3, Ludwick 9, Headley 5, Torrealba 2, Venable 7, Denorfia 8, Garland 1.

From @MLBStarting9:

#Cubs (50-69) (108) Fukudome RF,Castro SS,Byrd CF,Ramirez 3B,Nady 1B,Soriano LF,DeWitt 2B,Hill C,Wells P

I guess jbox will be at the game again today? I dunno. He never calls nor writes.