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Open Thread, 8/15/2010: Padres vs Giants

Wade LeBlanc goes for us today against Tim Lincecum. LeBlanc is coming off of a great game and Lincecum is not. If Banned Giants Fan Troll is to believed, then everybody's supposed to "regress", which I guess means a Giants win. Of course, Banned Giants Fan Troll is actually a dumbass and not a mathematician by any means so his word is about as good as Jonathan Sanchez.

All that said. A win today would be nice. Anything to get more space between us and them. The Dodgers are currently getting killed by the Braves and if things go right, we'll hope for a two team race going into September. If things go really well, maybe we'll coast to playoffs, but I won't count on that. I'll just count on the Padres doing their thing.