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Open Thread, 8/14/2010: Padres vs Giants

Game 2 of our series against the second place Giants. I love when Giants Fans throw the word "rivalry" around in relation to the Padres because, like Dodger Fan, they like to pretend that they don't actually care about any particular season series with the Padres because the Padres are somehow beneath such attention.

And the Giants apparently care so little that they're willing to hold onto a Jonathan Sanchez no-hitter against the team in some previous season from who knows when and wave it in the faces of Padres fans while saying, "scoreboard". This despite the fact that they've only managed one win against the Padres in 2010.

In fact, the Giants are so good that, really all those losses? Luck. The real victor of the NL West will be whoever wins the "real" rivalry.

See, here's the thing, Padres fans. The Dodgers and the Giants? They have their own rivalry. They're above such petty things as winning and taking the division, and being told that they have other rivals. As long as they beat each other, they'll make predictions about future victories and it won't matter if they come true.

All because, in their heart of hearts... It's not about winning or losing... It's about this rivalry. It's about what happened 60 years ago in a city 3,000 miles away. That's what counts. That's what Jonathan Sanchez was talking about and what he and baseball fans in LA and San Francisco can lean on for a while.

In the meantime, the Padres will just continue to go about their business and Padres fans will try to avoid the word "rivalry" as much as possible so as not to upset the museum curators who live in the rest of California. Such a rich rich history everywhere else. Immortals already! Congratulations!