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Game Thread: 8/13, Padres vs. Giants

If the Giants, led by Jonathan Sanchez, sweep the Padres and refuse to look back, then his psychic abilities will be celebrated the world over. All hope will be lost as a result.

But if the Padres can somehow convince Sanchez to look back at them, then there is hope for the world and the Padres 2010 season.

Therefore, the Padres must create some sort of spectacle the likes of which the world has never seen... something that even Jonathan Sanchez cannot ignore, something like a giant pair of floating nads.

If that fails they could always just beat the Giants. Either way.

Go Padres!


San Diego Padres @ San Francisco Giants

08/13/10 7:15 PM PDT

San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants
Jerry Hairston Jr. - 2B Andres Torres - RF
Miguel Tejada - SS Freddy Sanchez - 2B
Adrian Gonzalez - 1B Aubrey Huff - 1B
Ryan Ludwick - RF Buster Posey - C
Yorvit Torrealba - C Pat Burrell - LF
Chase Headley - 3B Pablo Sandoval - 3B
Scott Hairston - LF Juan Uribe - SS
Chris Denorfia - CF Aaron Rowand - CF
Clayton Richard - P Jonathan Sanchez - P