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Around the Mission: 8/13 Padres Links

  • Padres not swept away -
    "We have a long ways to go," said Ryan Ludwick, who hit a two-run homer Thursday, giving him three homers in the series against the Pirates. "It’s not going to be decided in San Francisco."

  • Tejada tank full after playing third base -
    "I think I’m fresher now than I’ve been in the past after this many games,"

  • PADRES: Tejada's defense, Garland's pitching spark sweep of Pirates
    "(If) that ball goes into the outfield, that's one (run), maybe two," said Garland, who allowed only one hit with four walks in six innings. "If (Tejada) stops it, it's still bases loaded, and you're still in a jam. But he got to it and was able to throw him out."

  • insidethepadres: Berkman OK'd Padres
    Berkman said yes to the Padres, Rays, Yankees and Rangers.

  • Padres Sweep Pirates, Prep for Showdown
    "I’d say it was about great pitching," said outfielder Ryan Ludwick, who provided the power with his 14th home run of the season, "what a pitching staff. All along I thought they were the best bullpen in the National League."

  • THE KEPT FAITH: Dallas' Running Diary Padres V. Pirates 8/11
    "I was pretty excited about getting to write a running diary again since it’s been so long since my last one. "

  • XX Sports Radio: Will Venable Interview (MP3)
    Padres OF Willl Venable on maintaining focus, if they're paying attention to the Giants, his approach at the plate & his stolen base production.
  • San Diego Padres ace Mat Latos learns to trust his teammates -- and himself - ESPN
    "I was so young, 21, and all the other guys were so much older than me," Latos said. "I felt like I kind of didn't fit in so I had to put up a wall almost and be by myself and be my own person and away from everybody else."


  • Padres Are Under the Radar and On Top in the National League -
    “He was just going off on us,” Bell said. “He didn’t know who I was, and my brother kind of nudged me. After 30 minutes he’s like, ‘Dude, you’ve got to tell him who you are.’ So I said, ‘Hey bud, by the way, I play for that minor league baseball team.’ He stuck his foot in his mouth, and he was kind of quiet.”