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Around the Mission: 8/12 Padres Links

  • McLeod confident Padres' top pick will sign -
    "It could go down to the deadline, but I’m confident it will get done," McLeod said. "These things always go to the deadline."

  • Team aims to sign picks as deadline looms | News
    With five days left before the deadline to sign Draft picks, the Padres were hopeful they could reach a deal with pitcher Karsten Whitson, and a handful of other top picks.

  • 'Lucky' LeBlanc among top hitting pitchers | News
    Padres pitcher Wade LeBlanc doesn't attribute his success as a hitter to his approach. He says it's simply because of a few lucky bounces.

  • Gregerson dominant again after fixing flaw | News
    Since a tough four-game stretch last month, Padres reliever Luke Gregerson has a 0.73 ERA in 13 appearances since July 10 thanks to fixing a mechanical flaw.

  • Padres' rock at backstop -
    "But the guys treated me well right away and I built confidence with the pitching staff. They trust me. If they shake me off (a sign), there’s a reason. The confidence level between the pitchers and myself is great. We’re having fun. This team reminds me of the Colorado team, a bunch of young, hungry guys. But I think this team is more loose.

  • PADRES NOTES: Ludwick undaunted by Petco dimensions
    "You're aware of it, but I don't worry about that stuff," Ludwick said

  • The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli: ON THE ROAD AGAIN
    "I'm heading over to SD to visit the doctor again to see if my shot is working and to find out the plans for the rest of the summer. I am really hoping that this is the last time I will need to fly out and see doctors and we can get back to worrying strictly about playing. I guess we will find out shortly."

  • Unfinished Business: That's More Like It!
    "I didn't really want to get into this, but what Jonathan Sanchez said the other day REALLY ticked me off. I'm mostly trying to not let it go to my head, because that's what he wants us to do."

  • THE KEPT FAITH: The Kept Faith Podcast Episode 008!
    "In this week's episode we talk about Ludwick catching fire, we get distracted when attractive girls walk in the room (one even talks on the podcast!) and we get personal about Pete Rose!"