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Around the Mission: 8/10 Padres Links


  • It’s not always an easy slide -
    "I never had doubts that I could play in the major leagues," Ludwick said last weekend. "But for awhile there, I wasn’t getting anywhere for a variety of reasons. I give myself credit for perseverance. In a way, the injuries, what happened along the way, made me better.

  • The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli: YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT GRINDS MY GEARS
    "Some people think I'm funny, most people think I'm crazy, but it has still been fun and I appreciate everyone reading and commenting over the past year."

  • Good Luck Whitson :: Friar Forecast
    "until Tate, Whitson and whomever the Padres choose next year become productive major leaguers there will continue to be a big stain on the Padres drafting."

  • Unfinished Business: Still On Top
    "We absolutely have to take at least two out of three."

  • The Friarhood - Why Latos is good (it's not just his stuff)
    "Mat Latos is good. The Arctic is cold. Paying taxes sucks. I wish I took Patricia to the prom."

  • Padres Salvage One of Three, Stay Two Up on Giants | Chicken Friars | A San Diego Padres Blog
    "It’s worth noting that the Padres didn’t exactly play badly–they outscored Arizona 16-9 in the series, after all. It just so happens that many of those runs came at times when they weren’t needed, so they didn’t exactly translate into wins."