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Give us your anonymous Padres tips!

We're going to try something new. We just put up an anonymous tip form... our Gaslamp Ball Tip Jar.  You'll also find the link in the left hand tool bar.

If you feel that there is something that we need to know, but you don't want to email us, then use that form.

You might have some information about a prospective trade.  You might know the mysterious 12th member of the Padres ownership group.  You might know about the two-way mirror in the Petco Park men's bathroom that allows executives to watch fans poop.  Maybe you're in danger and you need our protection. Maybe you want to tell us how cute we are but you're terribly shy.  Any of these are good reasons to contact us.  Really it can be about anything though just send us something, we're not picky.

For instance we've already received our first tip during lunch.  Somebody wanted to let us know that their butt itched.  Duly noted.

In any case, if we get some tips we'll investigate them and/or release them at the end of the week. It'll be like Gaslamp Ball's own WikiLeaks and if the tips are good enough, may Dex and I can go into hiding.

We know that there are people out there reading Gaslamp Ball that are in the know.  Put it in our tip jar.