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Open Thread, 7/8/2010: Padres vs Nationals. MUST WIN GAME.

Personally, I hate that we lost two to the Nationals. It reminds me too much of the Pre-Moorad years where the Padres might be able to play up to the level of good teams, but then also play down to the level of lesser teams. Not to say that the Nationals are a lesser team. On the path that they're on, they'll be playoff contenders easily by 2012.

That said, we should've beat them. Seriously. WTF. Everybody else is catching up with us.

So our stopper tonight is the Amazing Mat Latos. Mat the Eficient. The Best Number Five in Baseball History.

I am fully expecting a line from Latos tonight that would make me be like, "DROMG! So bright and vivid! All the way across the sky!"