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Heath Bell is an All-Star!!!

Make no mistake of this: I am psyched that Heath Bell is an All-Star. I am happy for him and his family and there's a little bit of justice in the world now.

Apparently, Heath Bell is going to replace someone named Yovanni Gallardo who probably only made it in because his name is so interesting to say. Where will Mat Latos be during the ASG? Where will Mike Adams be? Probably chillin', the both of them.

These rosters are so convoluted and huge and having a player from each team doesn't make sense. You know how I would do it? I'd have each Division send a team of 12 All-Stars. 9 position players and 3 pitchers (starter or relief). Would that add complication? Sure it would. Would it be much more cool? As cool as anything else, I'd say.