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Padres All Star Performances of the Past Decade

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I'm not too disappointed that the Padres only have one representative on the All Star Team.  These are the same players that continually say they aren't interested in individual accomplishments, so I'll take them at their word. 

If you do want to cast your final votes for Heath Bell, don't let me stop you.  [cough] He's in last place, it's hopeless!

Like Heath Bell says, they'll just have to prove how good they are by going out and winning the World Series. If that's how it's got to be...

While it is an honor, I'd hate to see any of our pitchers waste an inning pitching in an overly commercialized exhibition game.  They need their rest.   Plus our pitching hasn't exactly been lights out in past All Star games, in fact it's been embarrassing.

I went back through all the All Star Games in Baseball Reference to revisit the Padres performances of the past decade.  I wanted to see if the Padres were as bad as I remembered.

I clearly remember Hoffman being hammered a few times but for the life of me I could not remember who was our 2003 All Star representative.  I must have looked at the line up for 10 minutes without recognizing his name.

Anyway I thought this was interesting.  Take a look.

Year Player Performance
2009 Heath Bell Losing pitcher. Ground out.Triple to CF. Intentional walk. Sac Fly. Single. K
2009 Adrian Gonzalez 0-0. Walked
2008 Adrian Gonzalez 1-3, RBI. Sac Fly, Single, K, Fly out to LF
2007 Jake Peavy Started for NL. Pitched one inning. Gave up a single in first AB.
2007 Chris Young Losing pitcher. Inside-the-park Home Run to RF (Fly Ball) 2 runs score. 1 walk and 3 Fly outs.
2007 Trevor Hoffman 3 ground outs and a double.
2006 Trevor Hoffman Losing Pitcher. Blown Save. Single. Double. Triple scores two. 3 ground outs.
2005 Jake Peavy Double. Pop Fly. K.
2004 Mark Loretta 1-2. Single to RF. Pop Fly.
2003 Rondell White 0-1. Ground out.
2002 Trevor Hoffman Fly Ball. Double. Ground out. K.
2001 Ryan Klesko 0-1. Sac Fly. RBI. K.
2001 Phil Nevin 0-1. Fly Ball
2000 Trevor Hoffman 3 Singles. Stolen Base. Sac Fly. 2 K. 3 ER