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Around the Mission: 7/6 Padres Links

Chris Young works to perfect team chemistry <a href="">via theNerdhater</a>
Chris Young works to perfect team chemistry via theNerdhater


  • Bob Scanlan - Where is Dick Enberg?
    "I am happy to report that nothing has ”happened” to Dick, other than he went to London as scheduled to broadcast the Wimbledon Tennis tournament. "

  • Sounding off about Padres All-Star snubs
    "But this guy in the press box has a real beef some 3,000 miles away. The first place Padres did not deserve second class treatment."

  • Unfinished Business: Absolutely Unacceptable

  • Padres Trail: All Star Selections
    "I submit Mat Latos is better in every statistical category than Chris Carpenter."