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Around the Mission: 7/30 Padres Links


  • Tejada of present has less blast than in past -
    "All we really need is for him to make the routine ball, the routine play," Gonzalez said after the Padres’ 3-2 walk-off win against the Los Angeles Dodgers. "We don’t need anything extraordinary.

  • Latos’ success making it tough to limit innings -
    "He’s shown no signs of losing velocity (or) losing anything on the secondary pitches," Black said. "His body feels good. So we’ll gauge all this …

  • PADRES: Salazar's single in ninth dooms Dodgers
    "We're not focused on other clubs. We're not focused on numbers. We're not focused on how we've done over the last 162 games.

  • PADRES: Tejada acquired from Orioles for minor league pitcher
    Adrian Gonzalez wanted a veteran bat to offer him protection in the lineup, he specifically wanted Tejada

  • Friday Links (30 Jul 10) – Ducksnorts
    "Now, with the day gig infringing on things like sleep and having a life, I’m lucky if I can skim through stuff. I try to offer insightful commentary, but where that fails, I rely on snark because snark is cheap and easy. I’m not proud; I do what I must."

  • PADRES NOTES: Hoyer still looking at trade possibilities
    "This doesn't necessarily mean we won't go for an outfielder," Hoyer said.

  • The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli: ANOTHER TRIP TO SD
    "This will be my fourth trip to SD to meet with our doctors to discuss my hand and why it hasn't healed the way it was supposed to heal. I am interested to see what happens because it is becoming quite frustrating that I cannot play in games."

  • BRIEF Miguel Tejada Analysis :: Friar Forecast
    "Tejada provides some depth in the infield, and looks to be a slight marginal upgrade. But hey, when you’re in the playoff hunt in late July, a slight marginal upgrade could make the difference in the end."

  • A San Diego Padres Blog: The Sacrifice Bunt " Blog Archive " Padres acquire Miguel Tejada
    "If nothing else, Tejada makes this team that much easier to build on MVP 2005, so let’s call it a win."

  • THE KEPT FAITH: The Tejada Trade Via Text
    "I'm not kidding you - I'm trying to be optimistic."