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Around the Mission: 7/29 Padres Links

Hernandez, Weisbarth and Veras
Hernandez, Weisbarth and Veras
  • Padres' Blanks needs Tommy John surgery | News
    The Padres announced Wednesday that outfielder Kyle Blanks will have reconstruction of the collateral ligament in his right elbow. The recovery time, from what Blanks was told, is between seven and 10 months.

  • Torrealba's bat forcing Black's hand | News
    A big chunk of the Padres' offense this month has come from somewhat of an unlikely source -- catcher Yorvit Torrealba, who is riding an 11-game hitting streak.

  • Padres dump Dodgers blues -
    "That was a great instinctual read by Tony," Black said. "If he doesn’t read that, the bases are loaded and you don’t know what happens."

  • Blanks needs surgery on bad elbow -
    "A one-hop throw turns into a lazy three-hopper," said Blanks. "At that point, you’ve got to step back and say, ‘Something’s wrong.’ "

  • PADRES: Gwynn footwork awakens slumbering offense
    "It's not a guess, it's a calculated risk," Gwynn said. "With the tying run on first, they don't want anything going over their head. When that ball gets in on (Gonzalez) a little, I knew right away it was going to fall. It was just a matter of me being able to trust my instincts and believing it."

  • PADRES NOTES: Blanks confident he'll return from reconstructive surgery
    "It's not the end of the line," said Blanks, who expects to be sidelined seven to 10 months. "It can be a starting point to something better.

  • Once Upon My Mind: Fire Sales and Other Things That Didn’t Quite Happen – Ducksnorts
    A look back at Ducksnorts past.

  • Who will it be? Get er Dunn and start The Riot!!!
    "Dunn has pure power, strikes out ALOT, but definitely can man handle PETCO Park on any day of the week. "

  • David Eckstein Bobblehead (SGA 4/17/10) " .400 in '94
    these bobbleheads still are great.