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Padres GM Hoyer says Kyle Blanks to have Tommy John Surgery

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • Hoyer gathers his staff 5 times a day to see where they are at with prospective trades.  The hardest thing is being patient.  The second hardest thing is that you end up chasing a lot of dead ends.
  • Hoyer reads the internet.  He reads MLB Trade Rumors and Rotoworld.  He says there are many false rumors on the internet so you have to filter them.
  • Jed says that he's trying to make the Padres better and not trying to react to moves that other teams are making.
  • Hoyer says the team doesn't have to make a move before Saturday's deadline, but he thinks they will. 
  • Hoyer runs a lot of moves past Buddy Black to see how he thinks it will affect team chemistry.  "I think our chemistry has been clearly one of our biggest strengths this year." "At the same time, you can't be afraid of making moves because of chemistry."  Players will come to Hoyer with deals that they think up but they don't usually ask the players for their opinions on moves.
  • Teams have made offers to the Padres but so far they've been turned down.
  • The Dan Haren trade didn't surprise Jed.  The Diamondbacks were looking to drop some salary. No websites had rumors of the Angels taking Haren, he applauds both teams for keeping it quiet.
  • No comment on the Jayson Werth deal.
  • Hoyer was disappointed in the Dodger game last night.  It was the best that Jon Garland threw all year. They had a golden opportunity to score. "The bottom line is that we have to find a way to beat the Dodgers and the Rockies. If there is any negative of this season it's the performance against those two teams."  It's frustrating because those are two teams we need to beat.
  • Larry Lucchino was walking around the ballpark last night acting like a proud father.  He wanted to come see his ballpark.  Hoyer says he deserves to be proud of it.
  • David Eckstein is feeling good.  Good news on the MRI.  He's very close to being back.  Eckstein is optimistic.
  • Chris Young is progressing.  He threw 120 feet two days in a row.  It's been a frustrating season for Young.
  • Kyle Blanks is going to have Tommy John surgery on Friday.  Should be back by Spring Training. The Padres pushed it off as much as they could. The doctors thought they could get him healed without surgery but have now given up.  It's a lost season for Blanks and frustrating for him.
  • Chris Denorfia has really stepped up to score runs.  He too had Tommy John surgery and it's nice to see him bounce back.
  • There were 6 different people in Hoyer's suite discussing Buddy Black's decision to leave Garland in to face Andre Ethier.  " As much as people are talking about that move, the story of the game last night was not scoring."
  • Padres are more likely to add a bat before the deadline. They can pick up a pitcher in August.