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Going to Petco Park? Steer clear of the Chicken Salad and Turkey Wraps

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ESPN has the complete list of stadium health inspection summaries and while Petco Park has one of the better scores, it makes me want to skip Stadium food until they can get scores below 1%.  Of course I eat fast food all the time and I'm probably playing Russian Roulette with food poisoning.

Petco Park
San Diego Padres
Vendors with critical violations: 10%

Inspection report excerpt: At one location, chicken salad and turkey wraps were measured at 53 to 55 degrees, above safe temperatures.

Admittedly, because of all the mayonnaise, Chicken Salad and Turkey Wraps kind of gross me out even at the proper temperature. But let's make the assumption that these items need to be refrigerated at preferred temperatures between 35 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

If they were 55 degrees above these temperatures then imagine buying and eating poultry and mayonnaise at 93 degrees. How did they keep these items so disgustingly warm?  Were they being stored in vendor's armpits?  Boag!

UPDATE: Oh yeah I missed that comma, they were stored at 55 degrees not 93.  My bad 'y'all.