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San Diego Padres Fan Confidence Poll: 7/26/2010

The Padres went 4-2 this week, taking one from the Braves and sweeping the Pirates. Not going to lie I was disappointed that we didn't really match up well against the Braves, though the ability to pull of a miraculous late inning comeback extra inning win against their closer was no small feat. It was the following day when we got blown out that shook my confidence a tad.

As for the Pirate series anything less than a sweep would adversely affected my confidence. Fortunately the Padres are beating the teams that they are supposed to beat. It's a trait that playoff caliber teams need to possess and the killer instinct is strong with the Padres.

Except for Mat Latos, I've lost confidence in our starting pitching as a whole over the last couple of weeks. That confidence deficit has been filled by our position players who have continually impressed me by stepping into new roles and finding ways to win. Oscar Salazar playing third base and Will Venable playing first to rest Chase Headley and Adrian Gonzalez respectively. With the number of injuries, it's pretty amazing that the rest of the team hasn't missed a step.

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The rules are simple. On a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being no confidence at all, 10 being absolute confidence, How confident are you in the San Diego Padres organization?

"Confidence" is just about anything you want to interpret it as. The front office, the future prospects, the play on the field, the park, etc etc etc