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Unsubstantiated Rumor Mill

A few weeks back we started taking anonymous tips from you the Gaslamp Ball reader.  Today we dive in and look at each rumor with a critical eye.

  • The Padres are front and center in talks for Jayson Werth. 
    Werth is unlikeable at best.  But as Dex told me today "I guess when you're on the road to the World Series, you occasionally step in shit to stay on the path."  That's deep.  I guess there were rumors flying around on talk radio and twitter this afternoon that this was a done deal, but now it seems have been proven false.  Let's hope.
  • Chris Denorfia is Keyser Söze.
    See Keyser Soze killed his own family when threatened by rival Hungarian mobsters.  I think Denorfia would have to start hitting line drives into the Padres dugout before we could even consider him as Soze.
  • The mysterious 12th owner of the Padres ownership group is John Moores
    Supposedly they kept it a secret because they knew Padres fans would be pissed.  That'd be a big let down if this mysterious owner was John Moores.  That's about as interesting as a M. Night Shyamalan ending.
  • Peavy actually hurt his ankle in 2009 falling down some stairs while intoxicated instead of during a game as was reported.
    I guess this rumor was making the rounds in Arizona.  I have no idea if this rumor is true, but I do know that Peavy is a delicate flower.