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Around the Mission: 7/23 Padres Links


  • Band of brothers: Pastime unites siblings | News
    A scan of current big league rosters reveals a bucketload of baseball brothers. But being in the Major Leagues with a close friend who happens to be a member of your family is as magical as it is rare.

  • Padres 8-0 loss to Braves raises concerns about rotation -
    "It’s already forgotten," first baseman Adrian Gonzalez said. "But this is no different than a win. Win or lose, we get over it. The only thing that counts is the next game. Time to move on."

  • PADRES: Braves roll 8-0 in finale of first-place showdown
    "They're a very good team," said Padres starter Clayton Richard. "When they have an opportunity, they take advantage of it."

  • insidethepadres: Thursday blog
    "Padres are searching for a hitter adept at reaching base against right-handers."

  • The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli: MAIL BAG PART 12
    "three baseball related questions, one about the Padres during Spring Training, and two about specific baseball techniques that will make you a better ball player. "

  • The Friarhood - Ballpark Food at PETCO Park!
    "we've been fortunate to attend a fair amount of games which has allowed us the wonderful opportunity to try some of PETCO's finest food attractions. "

  • Unfinished Business: Moving On...
    But the other part of me is saying, "Are you crazy? These are the Padres! They find ways to win no matter what!!"

  • THE KEPT FAITH: Eckstein to DL. Padres still win.
    "My hope is Jed makes a call over to the D-Bags. It'd cost more in terms of prospects, but trading for Kelly Johnson over Tejada is like trading for something good over something bad."

  • Moorad’s Money the Key to Deadline Deals?
    Should Moorad be given credit for putting the Padres in the position they are in now, or was this the creation of Kevin Towers and the previous regime?