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Padres GM Hoyer wouldn't lie about a sneeze

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

This MP3 seems to start somewhere in the middle of the interview.   Jed is talking about David Eckstein in his opening statements.

  • Hoyer says he is really happy with the job Bud Black has done.  He has implemented everything that they had talked about prior to the season, such as being more aggressive on the base paths.  They work really well together.  Hoyer really likes the positive and calm demeanor that Black brings to the ballpark. "For me it was an easy decision."  Hoyer wrote Black a letter.  He didn't make him the offer because of the team's record, but because Black is the right man for the job.
  • Hoyer never had any intention of cleaning house in the Padres Front Office.  It took some time for his co-workers to realize that he was approachable.  The big attraction for Hoyer to come to the Padres was that they had a great manager and a great coaching staff.
  • He told Buddy that he wanted their relationship to work, but he did have a managerial ready list in case things didn't work out.
  • Wily Mo Pena has power as good as anybody in the game.  He played well in Independent Ball.  His contract that he signed in the Dominican Republic hindered his development.  He was never allowed to develop at the right pace.  He's still got talent.  It's not the Padres big move at the deadline.
  • The Padres are facing right handed pitchers in the next few days.  That's why Hoyer brought Will Venable back.
  • Mat Latos is doing well.  He's scheduled to make a start on Saturday.  "The fact that we came out and said it was a sneeze - doesn't that - it's hard to say that we'd lie about a sneeze." 
  • Hoyer cannot comment on Miguel Tejada, Jayson Werth or Jake Westbrook.  The Padres have been having a lot of conversations with other teams.  Deals will start to happen closer to the deadline.
  • Aaron Cunningham has played well and he has now moved out of a hotel into more permanent accommodations in San Diego. 
  • Hoyer likes the fact that Morosi's article was posted in the clubhouse.  He likes that the team takes offense to people who say they will drop off.