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Still not convinced that Adrian Gonzalez really wants to play for the Padres long term

Adrian Gonzalez says he would be happy to stay in San Diego but I don't buy it.

"I’m just along for the ride. Honestly, it’s in God’s hands."

He takes no responsibility whatsoever. He does realize that he has a choice right? He thinks God is going to convince the Padres to quadruple his multi-million dollar contract?  I think God has more pressing issues to deal with.

"Really, I’m in no hurry to leave. If the direction of the club and everything was right, I’d love to be here long-term."

I read it more like this "I'd love to play here in San Diego as long as the team competes for the World Championship every year, increases their payroll to $200 million, moves to Boston, its name to the Red Sox"

"One year doesn’t prove much. Let’s win regularly. If a guy is producing, sign him long term. Sign (Mat) Latos and (Clayton) Richard."

Why does one year of playing excellent baseball not instill confidence in the club's direction but a half season of pitching proves that two young pitchers such as Latos and Richard deserve long term contracts?  The club is supposed to make a long term commitment when Adrian won't?

I'm still convinced that Adrian is looking for a huge contract and a move to one of ESPN's favorite teams, until then he won't truly be happy.