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Game Thread: 7/20, Padres vs. Braves

Corey Brock just tweeted that Jon Morosi's Padres article has been posted in the Padres clubhouse. I wonder if that will get the team psyched or hurt their feelings. I've noticed a few of you have tweeted the author with some choice words of criticism. I like talking sh_t as much as the next guy but this year I'm saving up all my sh_t talk until the end of the season. I've got three people on my sh_t list right now that I'm going to go ape sh_t on as soon as we win the World Series. I can't wait. I was already planning it out this morning as I awoke from a Padres dream.

I wonder if bulletin board material like this really fires up a team. In High School my coach gathered us all together and told us how our rival team TP'd his house, destroyed his mail box and left one of our team t-shirts on his doorstep with sh_t talk written all over it. He told us how they obviously didn't respect us and that we needed to practice extra hard. I remember some guys getting so mad they looked like they were going to cry. I was rolling my eyes thinking that the story sounded ridiculous and was probably fabricated. I found out later from another source that our Coach did make up the story. Weak.

Looking forward to this series, can't wait to find out if we are the best team in the National League.

Go Padres!


San Diego Padres @ Atlanta Braves

07/20/10 4:10 PM PDT

San Diego Padres Atlanta Braves
Jerry Hairston Jr. - SS Martin Prado - 2B
David Eckstein - 2B Jason Heyward - RF
Adrian Gonzalez - 1B Omar Infante - 3B
Chase Headley - 3B Troy Glaus - 1B
Nick Hundley - C Brian McCann - C
Scott Hairston - LF Matt Diaz - LF
Chris Denorfia - RF Alex Gonzalez - SS
Tony Gwynn Jr. - CF Melky Cabrera - CF
Wade LeBlanc - P Jair Jurrjens - P