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Padres GM Hoyer: "We certainly plan to be active this month."

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • When the bullpen blows a lead it's so unusual that it makes you realize how good they have been this year.  "You're not going to be perfect all time."  The Padres had four relievers go scoreless before Luke Gregerson entered yesterday, "that's pretty damn good".
  • The Padres have really been monitoring the number of innings the pitchers have been pitching.  The emergence of Ryan Webb has been a blessing.
  • Hoyer likes Run Differential, he thinks it's a good metric. "What it really tells you is that we are beating our opponents."  The best teams blow out teams by 5 or more runs.  The 2010 Padres have already blown out opponents more than the 2009 team.  The number one correlation to Wins/Losses is Runs Scored/Allowed.  Normally teams don't stray more than 3 or 4 games from their Pythagorean record.
  • The real reason for moving Aaron Cunningham to Portland is to give him a chance to play every day.  He really proved himself to the coaching staff and played well.  Hoyer thinks Chris Denorfia is a very solid player in his role.
  • The Sean Gallagher designation was really frustrating.  He's young and has good stuff but he hasn't been able to harness it.  Unfortunately for the team and him he was out of options.  They need their 12 best pitchers on the club and Stuaffer is one of them.
  • It wouldn't surprise Hoyer if Tim Stauffer becomes a starter for the Padres.  He's got the repertoire to start.
  • At some point they'll give Mat Latos a break and Stauffer could fill in for him.  The Padres have a plan in place to give Latos a nice long rest that they haven't announced. "We have to do it, he's a 22 year old kid and we have to make sure we give him a break.  Which is hard because he's pitching so well and in such a rhythm."
  • Hoyer is against the 6 man rotation because if the Padres have a day off they'll only be pitching once a week.
  • The goal is to have Latos available to pitch the whole month of September.
  • Josh Byrnes shared an office with Hoyer.  "He's one of my best friends in the game."  It's hard to see him get fired.  He wasn't at Hoyer's wedding.
  • Hoyer's wedding was great but it was 98 and humid in St. Louis.  "I'm not that big of a sweater."
  • "This is a big month."  Hoyer has a wish list of players he wants to acquire and every day they check to make sure they are well scouted.  They have flexibility in the payroll.  "We certainly plan to be active this month."
  • Hoyer thinks the catching situation has been excellent this year.  First base and catcher have been the most stable positions.