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Game Thread: 7/18, Friars vs. Snakes

It's nice going into the final game of the series knowing that you've already won the series. The pressure is off, you've done what you've set out to do. The Padres series record is now 17-10-3.

For some that might be enough. But for great teams 2 out of 3 is never enough. Great teams finish what they started. They have that killer instinct where they see the weakened prey and they f'n pounce on their jugular, suck the last life out of them and then eat their soft organs. Eat everything except their nads. Make them eat our nads or nobody eat nads... either way.

Kevin Correia pitches today, expect a lot of offense from both teams.

Don't forget your sunscreen and hold onto your hats and glasses this here will be the wildest ride in the wilderness!

Go Padres!


Arizona Diamondbacks @ San Diego Padres

07/18/10 1:05 PM PDT

Arizona Diamondbacks San Diego Padres
Chris Young - CF Jerry Hairston Jr. - 2B
Kelly Johnson - 2B Yorvit Torrealba - C
Justin Upton - RF Adrian Gonzalez - 1B
Miguel Montero - C Chase Headley - 3B
Adam LaRoche - 1B Matt Stairs - LF
Mark Reynolds - 3B Chris Denorfia - RF
Stephen Drew - SS Everth Cabrera - SS
Gerardo Parra - LF Tony Gwynn Jr. - CF
Edwin Jackson - P Kevin Correia - P