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Gaslamp Ball Book Club: Enberg keeps a promise

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Dick Enberg promised himself that if he ever wrote a book that he'd devote a chapter to Al McGuire.  I've got bad news for you.  Enberg wrote a book, it's called Dick Enberg: Oh My! and we're reading it for our book club. Guess the topic of Chapter 9.  I'll give you a hint, Enberg keeps his promises.

You may be asking yourself, "Who's Al McGuire?"  I'm asking myself the same question and I just read a chapter about him.  I guess he's former basketball coach and broadcasting partner of Enberg's. The confusing part is that Enberg never really gets around to explaining to the reader why he made such a promise to himself.  Why does McGuire deserve his own chapter?

Maybe it was because McGuire ate onion sandwiches. Maybe it's because he refers to Enberg as "Dicksie". Maybe it's because McGuire told Enberg never to do an appearance for free because people won't appreciate it as much.

I have no idea.

Here's some words or wisdom from McGuire that might apply to the good people of San Diego.

Breakfast meetings are best because they have to end. Lunch meetings go a lot longer, and dinner meetings never end.

Like a breakfast meeting, this chapter fortunately had to end.  We read it to get to the next chapter where Enberg meets the lady who will become his second wife. Studio audience: WOOOO!

Discussion Questions:

  1. What makes Al McGuire different than all the other broadcast partners that Enberg praises in his book?
  2. When McGuire told a friend that he should never marry a beautiful woman, how did that make his wife feel?