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Open Thread, 7/17/2010: Padres vs Diamondbacks

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via wwwedu.ge.ch

If we want to sweep the Diamondbacks, then we must win this game. I repeat: Must. Win. Game.

In other news, Clayton Richard goes for the Padres tonight. Clayton was our "limp into the All-Star Break" poster child, so here's hoping that he finds his stuff tonight the way the offense found their stuff last night.

In other news, I'll be watching Aaron Cunningham closely as he goes after the Padres consecutive hit streak record. He's at 11 right now. Let's sizzle tonight, Devious Bacon. You be stealthy, blonde boar.

In other other news, I was listening to Coach Kintera and Bob Scanlan this morning for their World Baseball Network show on 1090. You should listen to that. It's so good. I love the Coach and Scanman. They do a good program. One day, I'm gonna call into that just so I can get the Coach to really nicely disagree with me while Scanman out-analyzes me.

Open Thread is UP. GO PADRES!!!