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Tony Gwynn tells Dan Patrick that at age 50 he'd have trouble hitting .240

He was a little more confident a few years ago when he talked to us about hitting at the age of 50.  But if I was Bud Black and Tony the Gwynn offered to step into the line up I'd pull a Pop Fisher and say:

Well you're better than any player I ever had. And you're the best God damn hitter I ever saw. Suit up.

Gwynn talked to Dan Patrick on the phone about the All Star Game, Strasburg and hitting.

DP Daily: Gwynn on All-Star format, his former player Strasburg

DP: You're 50 years old now. For the second half of the season, could you hit .240 for the Padres?
TG: [Laughs] I doubt it. I could probably swing the bat, but I couldn't run to first. Rickey Henderson used to tell a joke that I would do the hitting and he would do the running. If I could do that, then maybe it'd be a little different.