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Padres GM Hoyer on Latos' move to DL: "This is totally on the up and up."

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith 

  • The GM can't rest during All Star break because it's only 2 weeks before the trade deadline.  It is a nice break to not be scoreboard watching.
  • Hoyer went to the Futures Game.  It was a good chance to look at prospects. Simon Castro didn't pitch very well.
  • Hoyer didn't watch the All Star Game but he was happy the NL won.  He went to dinner with his wife.  He thinks that on the West Coast it comes on at an awkward time. "When it comes to pitching the National League can certainly compete head to head with the American League."
  • It's a big deal to have home field advantage in the World Series.  The Padres have a big home field advantage so it could benefit from it.
  • On how well the Padres have played so far this season: "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't surprised."
  • The Padres knew they were going to have to make tough decisions at the deadline whether the Padres were winning or losing.
  • "We're past the point of development this year." Everth Cabrera has struggled this year, but the team is still confident in him.  Playing time will go to the best player, Jerry Hairston Jr. has been out playing him at this point.
  • Mat Latos is likely to go on the DL. "Frankly, it worked out somewhat conveniently for us." They were planning on optioning him sometime after the break to give him rest before the injury became an issue. 
    "It did work out conveniently, but at the same time Major League Baseball scrutinizes these things. This is totally on the up and up, he's had some pain in his side and he's on the injury report, it's totally convenient, but it is legitimate"
  • Mike Adams will be evaluated tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be a big roster day.
  • They should be able to get by with 4 pitchers but if they need him they'll go with Tim Stauffer.
  • Aaron Cunningham has been one of their most consistent players so it would be hard to take him out of the line up.
  • They looked at Cliff Lee but the Padres had nothing that the Mariners wanted.
  • Hoyer knows the amount of payroll that he can add.  He will not disclose it.  It is a seven figure number.
  • Padres claimed Quintin Berry off waivers. He played for SDSU.
  • The Padres are the team to beat in the NL West.  It will be the only post season race to include 4 teams.