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Open Thread, 7/10/2010: Padres vs Rockies

Man, Rockies fans are super confident they're gonna sweep the Padres. Saying stuff like, "Pitching can only get you so far! Offense is what matters!" and "There's a reason nobody's heard of the players on your team! Reason = Ass Suckers" Et cetera.

In any case, it would've been nice to march into the All-Star break heads held high, but it looks like the Padres have decided to limp into the All-Star Break. We've given up first place before this season to both San Francisco and Los Angeles, and we've taken it back. The Rockies are coming on strong, which is great for them and for competitiveness and all that shit, but they're streaky (I like to call other teams streaky because it pisses their fans off). They haven't tasted first place this season and they're hungry for it.

What I'm curious about is if the Padres will make any acquisitions. I'm hoping they pick up a really super speedy outfielder who plays amazing defense just so that people will be like, "WTF?" That or a bullpen arm, just so Hoyer can prove to me that he knows how to dumpster dive for closers and setup men as good as Kevin Towers used to.