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Around the Mission: 7/1 Padres Links

  • MVP surge for Padres slugger -
    “There is no player who means more to his ballclub than Adrian means to this team,” utilityman deluxe Jerry Hairston Jr. was saying. “This is a tough place to hit. Adrian makes it look as easy as possible.”

  • PADRES: New month, but Padres still in first
    "Just the fact that the focus is on our playing and not outside of that is good. They weren't really looking to trade me to begin with. Other teams were inquiring, but it doesn't mean they were going to trade me. But this solidifies it."
  • Three years of Friar Forecast :: Friar Forecast
    "Seriously, though, when I started this blog as a freshman in college, I had no clue that it would be around three years later*."

  • PADRES NOTES: Is surgery on horizon for Blanks?
    Elbow surgery currently isn't the best option, but it has been discussed, injured Padres outfielder Kyle Blanks said Wednesday.

  • XX1090 TV
    Yoda in the Bullpen explanation

  • West coast baseball road trip 2010
    "I am supposed to have answers, but beyond the fact that the pitching has been much better than anyone could have anticipated, I don't. Before the season, I had the Padres winning 75 games. People thought I was crazy for picking them to finish fourth in the division, ahead of Arizona, but I felt strongly that while the Padres would be pretty bad, the Diamondbacks would be terrible. Well, one out of two ain't bad."

  • Richard fans 10 as Padres rout Rox | News
    Clayton Richard struck out a career high 10 batters in seven innings and the Padres erupted for six runs in the fourth inning as they routed the Rockies, 13-3, on Wednesday in front of a crowd of 24,519 at PETCO Park.

  • XX Sports Radio: Ted Leitner(MP3) and Will Venable(MP3)

  • Simmons sees growth from Hundley | News
    Be careful what you wish for when you ask San Diego bench coach Ted Simmons about the progress catcher Nick Hundley has made.

  • Venable remains out with back stiffness | News
    Padres right fielder Will Venable was out of the starting lineup for the second consecutive game on Wednesday against the Rockies because of lower back stiffness.

  • Role players take lead for Padres -
    "It didn’t surprise me what we did today," said Black

  • With win, Richard's day has finally come -
    "Nick called for my split-change and for something like 15 or 20 batters, I’d thrown that and I wanted a fastball away," Mujica said. "But it wasn’t away. It was up the middle and (Smith) hit it hard. "Same thing with Yorvi. I wanted fastball away and it wasn’t."

  • Midseason Minor-League Promotions 2010: Hitters – Ducksnorts
    "Think Tony Gwynn Jr., which isn’t the insult I would have considered it a year ago."

  • Padres avoid sweep with 13-3 win
    "When you get that type of run support, it makes it a lot easier to pitch," Richard said.

  • Avenging Jack Murphy: The Reliever Known As "Edward Mujica"..... Is Dead To Me
    "There doesn't appear to be a Friar soul who doesn't bury face into palm each time the Venezuelan enters in the late innings. "

  • THE KEPT FAITH: Here We Are
    "To get pushed around for two games and come back to win by 11 runs in game three is a big middle finger to the rest of the NL West."

  • Midseason Minor-League Promotions 2010: Hitters – Ducksnorts
    "Think Tony Gwynn Jr., which isn’t the insult I would have considered it a year ago."

  • Padres Answer Back With Key Home Win
    "Most definitely," said winning pitcher Clayton Richard on the need to avoid a three game divisional sweep, "Every game is important from here on out, but after the way the last two games went, it’s a testament to our team to come out and play the way we did today."