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Around the Mission: 6/7 Padres Links

Smooth Criminal
Smooth Criminal
  • SHOOTING THE BREEZE: A Q&A with Padres second baseman David Eckstein
    The only person that can influence you is you. If you let other people's opinions influence who you are or what you do, you're never going to make it. In a way, I actually like it when people say things like that. Then you can prove them wrong and prove that they really don't have a clue.

  • Gwynn’s Throw – Ducksnorts
    Here’s the thing about Gwynn. Until very recently, I didn’t think he could stick in the big leagues on the basis of anything other than his name. However, it is clear from watching him that he has worked hard at his game to get the most out of what talent he has.

  • PADRES: Center may get Padres' attention
    "In simple terms, we're looking for the best player for the Padres," McLeod said. "We're looking for a player whose talents fit Petco Park.

  • PADRES: Potential targets of the Padres with Monday's first-round pick
    Baseball America's bios on the five players most often mentioned as targets for the Padres' first-round draft pick

  • 'Pen deserves huge assist in Padres' win | News
    Oscar Salazar's go-ahead hit in the 10th inning lifted the Padres to a 6-5 win over the Phils, but the credit for Sunday's victory goes to the relievers, who hurled 8 1/3 scoreless frames.

  • Black recalls hockey-playing father | News
    He never saw his father play hockey. He wasn't even born. But Harry "Bud" Black Jr., the manager of the Padres, has heard the tall tales and read all the stories. It is a cherished chapter in his heritage.

  • Black not worried about Correia | News
    Kevin Correia probably could have gotten out of his start on Sunday in much better shape with a little better defense behind him. But, he was quick to say, the defense could have looked a lot better if he'd done a better job.

  • Padres focus on 3 players in first round of tonight’s draft -
    "We think we have narrowed our options down to three players who will be there when we pick," said McLeod, who isn’t naming names. "We like all three. I believe we’re going to feel good with whichever player we get."

  • Who will the Padres take? :: Friar Forecast
    The name I’ve heard most is Kolbrin Vitek, the 2B from Ball State, but that surely doesn’t mean the Padres will take him. If they do, it sounds like a position change is a no-brainer, and that he will be targeted for center field.

  • Gallagher Turns In Strong Outing, Possibly Saves Roster Spot | Chicken Friars | A San Diego Padres Blog
    Gallagher is still the worst reliever in the bullpen statistically, but this outing makes the decision on who to get rid of for Stauffer quite a bit more difficult.

  • The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli
    "When I got home a few days ago I opened the mail and found this picture inside."

  • XX Sports Radio: Jason McLeod (MP3), Heath Bell (MP3), Dick Enberg (MP3)