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Crappy t-shirt leads to people giving PSA crap

"Hey why are you trying to scratch off number 42?!"
"Hey why are you trying to scratch off number 42?!"

I was just doing laundry and folding a Gaslamp Ball shirt and it made me think of something funny. 

Last week at Sunday's game we ran into Pad Squad Andre and he told us a story about the Gaslamp Ball Shirt we gave him.  For a short while before we realized it, our shirts were being made by a real crappy t-shirt company that some of the other SB Nation blogs were using and recommended to us. 

The numbers wouldn't stay on, the shirts faded really quick and there was over spray all over them.  Well apparently we gave PSA one of those defective shirts.  You can see in the picture that the 42 is already coming off when he received it. 

Well anyway he wore it to Spring Training this year and now the 42 is almost completely gone and he had people getting angry and yelling stuff at him thinking he was a racist that was making a statement that the Padres should remove Jackie Robinson's number. 

It made me laugh, because Andre is always so good to us and we give him a crappy gift that keeps on giving.