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Around the Mission: 6/5 Padres Links

  • PADRES: Imperfect Halladay too much for Padres
    "He bared down when he had to," Padres manager Bud Black said. "He knows how to make pitches. We just couldn't break through."

  • Gwynn Puts Hex on Padres' Draft Woes -- MLB FanHouse
    I enlisted as the hex-buster Tony Gwynn, the Hall of Famer who spent his entire career with the Padres.

  • Bob Scanlan The Blown Call – Baseball’s "Black Eye", or Shining Moment?
    "Blasphemous! Scan must be out of his mind, even more so than normal! We have the technology; we must do something to correct this systemic evil! Scan just doesn’t get it!"

  • The Sacrifice Bunt: To be the best
    "But how have the Padres done against the other good teams in the league?"

  • Perpetual Padres Saga: May Evaluation
    "I know there are still doubters who think Padres are going to slip and fall at one point. Those doubters need to think again and need to think about how the Padres are doing currently."

  • Friars From Afar :: Friar Forecast
    I’ve heard the rumblings of dissatisfaction coming from Blogistan concerning this year’s San Diego Padres broadcast team; some would say it’s the inevitable product of a youth movement, that when 85-year old Jerry Coleman moves out for a brash upstart like 75-year old Dick Enberg, there are going to be some hiccups.