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Around the Mission: 6/30 Padres Links

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  • Padres give up homers, fall to Rockies -
    "These guys aren’t going to be invincible every night," Padres manager Bud Black

  • Rockies Top Padres For Second Straight Night
    "We’ve got to use all of our guys," said manager Bud Black after the game, "(Mujica) came in on Sunday in Florida and pitched a tough inning when we needed him to. Our team has a lot of confidence in Edward."

  • What's a Picture Worth?: The Other Guys
    "Since then I haven't been a huge Rockies fan."

  • Me, Elsewhere: Driving to Portland – Ducksnorts
    "I remain skeptical of Durango’s ability to parlay his one fantastic skill into a material big-league career, but the guy is fun to watch."

  • PADRES: Mujica gives up another costly home run in loss to Rockies
    "I liked the matchup with him and Barmes," Black said. "I think the fastball has a tendency to leak back over the plate at times. His arm action when he gets through the fastball is great. Other times, he gets to the side of it and the ball sort of flattens out."

  • Cliff Lee and others on Padres radar, but tough to acquire
    "With that said, the most likely potential trade targets are dwindled down to Jake Westbrook, Kevin Millwood, Ted Lilly, Dontrelle Willis and Cliff Lee."

  • THE KEPT FAITH: Padres Fall to Rockies 10-6
    "I have no idea how to root for a first place team. It's so confusing."

  • Jaff Decker is Fine | Chicken Friars | A San Diego Padres Blog
    "But really, it’s just that month–which can be attributed to post-injury rust–that’s dragging him down."

  • Perpetual Padres Saga: June Evaluation
    "The top 5 greatest moments for the month of June."

  • Padres Trail: Padres/Rockies, 29 June - Notes
    "Gwynn Jr made a great slide, but he was out. A little over-aggressive there, I think."