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John Moores is proud of PETCO Park watches all Padres games on iPad

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XX Sports Radio: John Moores Interview (MP3) with Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton

  • "This is more fun than the law ought to allow."  Moores thought the team would be better than last year, but didn't think they'd be this good.
  • Moores was never a day to day guy with the Padres.  "I'm not as involved as I was before and one of the reasons is because Jeff [Moorad] is doing such a great job."
  • The attendance is really low, but Moores is not surprised.  The economy has really hurt California and particularly San Diego.  It's not a surprise that people are glued to their television instead of coming to the ballpark.  He thinks as the season goes on and as the economy improves so will attendance.
  • When Moores bought the club he had "trouble with every aspect" of baseball.  The problems were with all of baseball.  It was before revenue sharing and he enjoyed dealing with other owners.
  • "I give Jeff [Moorad] very high marks, he and Tom Garfinkel have done a terrific job running a club that is a lot more efficient organization than it was before.  Undoubtedly he made some decisions that I wouldn't have but I think he's entitled and I think the record speaks for itself both on the field and off the field."
  • "I think this ballpark has aged so well, I think clearly there is some fall off from a new ballpark, but this club clearly had a couple of tough years while we were in transition."
  • Moores watches every baseball game on the iPad.  He's seen a lot of games on the road this year.
  • He answers his critics by saying that he feels very good about the ballpark and he deserves a share of the recognition for getting it built.
  • "Bud Selig is hands down the most significant commissioner in history."  Landis would be number two.  "His place in history is exceedingly secure."