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Around the Mission: 6/28 Padres Links

  • Pitching, Payroll, and… I Need a Third Thing That Begins with ‘P’ – Ducksnorts
    "The Padres have turned a glaring weakness into a strength. That’s a nice little trick, if you can swing it."
  • PADRES: Venable's clutch hitting leads to sweep of Marlins
    "He came with the (splitters) again, and I was able to go deep enough in the count that he was forced to try something else and threw a fastball middle-in and I was able to get a good swing on it."

  • The Friarhood - Friarhood Radio 6.24.10
    Friarhood Radio this week had guest Gina Mizell (@ginamizell) associate reporter for the Padres. She gave us an update on Chris Young, Padres roster moves and what is going on with the line up.

  • On The Road With Madfriars: Portland :: Friar Forecast
    "The people that I spoke with, who want to remain anonymous, believe he is the catcher that we are seeing now. One of them said he was the worst hitter that they saw in the PCL this year."

  • The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli: INJURY UPDATE
    "We will see if the pain I was experiencing yesterday was normal and expected at this point, or if he has any good ideas about what to do to help it out."

  • Unfinished Business: Happy 2nd Birthday, Unfinished Business!
    "It's a pleasure to be part of such an elite group of Padres bloggers!"