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Around the Mission: 6/25 Padres Links

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  • A little help here – for Gonzo -
    Gonzalez is hitting .407 this month with 11 doubles, seven homers and 20 RBI, The rest of the team is hitting .218 with 11 homers. In one of the four games that Gonzalez didn’t get a hit, the Padres got a total of one.

  • Chainsaw: Top Ten Reasons The Padres Will Win It All
    8: Turns out Mat Latos is the love child of Nolan Ryan and Tom Seaver (in vitro).

  • The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli: VIDEO MAIL BAG
    First off, my hand is starting to feel better each day. I have practiced for five days in a row, and I know that may not seem like a very lot to many people, but when you go more than three months without practicing once, five days feels like an awful lot.

  • Keeping Score: What’s Made Padres Better? Pitching
    San Diego, 75-87 last season, leads the National League West, primarily because of a good starting rotation and the league's best bullpen.