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1984 Padres Uniforms to return for final Throwback Thursday against Cubs

Back in December the Padres asked fans to vote for which uniform they wanted to see the team wear for Throwback Thursday games during the 2010 season.

In February at Friar FanFest Tony Gwynn and Randy Jones announced that the vote had been so close that it would be declared a tie between the 1984 White Jersey and the 1978 Brown Jersey. The plan was to have the Padres wear the 1984 uniform for the first Throwback Thursday vs. the Braves and then they would wear the 1978 uniforms for all the remaining games because it barely won in the vote.

Well a little birdy told us exclusively that the Padres plan to bring back the 1984 uniform one more time for the final home game of the season on September 30th versus the Cubs.

The Padres need to buy all new uniforms because the first time they wore them was on Jackie Robinson day so all the jerseys had a 42 on the back and were given to the players.

The Cubs were asked to wear their 1984 uniforms on that day but refused.  Apparently the Padres would have been responsible for the cost of the Cubs throwback uniforms, so cost wasn't an issue.

I wondered if the Yankees asked the Padres to wear their 1998 uniforms if they would.  Our source said that the Padres would agree to wear them.

Also as a side note the last home game of the season is usually a "Shirts off their backs" game where fans can win the players jerseys.  No confirmation on if the fans will get these '84 jerseys.