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Kyle Blanks will need to perform in his rehab games in order to return to Padres

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • Jed Hoyer likes the 3:35 start.  He thinks the players would only care if there was a problem with shadows.
  • Scott Hairston is back up and in the line up today.  Luis Durango is headed back to Portland.  The team has been missing Scott's power and versatility.  Sending Durango back wasn't a hard decision. "I think Luis did a good job for us up here. He's still got stuff to work on in Portland. He's not a finished product by any stretch."
  • Hoyer is meeting with all of his scouts in preparation for the draft.  "It's a fun week but it's exhausting."
  • Padres pick 9th on Monday.  It's ultimately Jed's decision. He doesn't think he'll have a disagreement with the scouts.
  • Padres are focusing on players with upside and that can have an impact in Petco Park.
  • Hoyer thinks the Minnesota Twins do a great job drafting through all 50 rounds.  They have a good philosophy that they stick to year after year.
  • Hoyer favors middle infield players in the draft because you can move them to other positions.  You can't move a first basemen.
  • San Diego is a baseball hotbed.  The Padres should have a closer relationship with the talent in town, like the Braves do with the youth of Atlanta.  It would have been great to draft Stephen Strasburg before he went to college.
  • Kyle Blanks will continue his rehab this week.  They think getting him some AB's in Minor League games will be good for him.
  • Tim Stauffer is ready to start throwing rehab games too.
  • Everth Cabrera's hamstring is loosening up.  It won't take as long to return as last time.
  • On Blanks: "I think he's going to need to perform a little bit in Minor League games as his rehab goes along. I'm sure he will  I think he's going to have to show some performance in his rehab in order to do that."
  • Stauffer will be treated as a starter and they'll get him used to throwing more innings even if he is used in the bullpen when he returns to the Padres.  They want to have the option.
  • As we get to the end of the month the trade market will look better. Some teams might want to cut payroll if they aren't in a race.
  • The Padres would prefer a controllable player rather than a year long rental.