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Not so new news regarding John Weisbarth's IMDB Profile

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Is blogging the Padres on Gaslamp Ball worthwhile if we don't make a difference?  Sometimes I question whether we are making the world and the internets a better place.  Today is not one of those days because, my friends, a difference has been made!

You may remember 13 months ago I made it my personal mission to combine John Weisbarth's two IMDB profiles.  I promised that I would overcome all odds to reach the goal.  I wrote and submitted the correction to IMDB and asked you all to follow suit and participate in a letter writing campaign which in all likelihood you ignored.

The thing is I'm embarrassed to admit that I forgot to check back to see if they actually accepted the change for, oh I don't know... 13 months. Today I have news for you that is 13 months old.

Ladies and gentlemen, the one true IMDB profile for John Weisbarth.  You're welcome world, you are very welcome.  Who knew it would be this easy to change the world?  I guess I'm just a natural born world shaker.

On a side note, I'm upset that we never got around to watching Treasure and that Dex lost his signed copy during an interstate move.  I guess I could buy a new copy for for $1.20 but that seems like it would be a lot of work and I keep forgetting.  You'd think I would have learned from this lesson that hard work and a decent memory bring great reward.