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Padres President Garfinkel: "I've never seen a more exciting team."

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XX Sports Radio: Tom Garfinkel Interview (MP3)

  • Garfinkel loves the idea of making Petco Park home to a Major League Soccer team.  They are looking at different field configurations to see if they can fit a football field in Petco.  Looking at bringing a bowl game in but it might require some construction.  It is still a couple years away and in the very early stages.
  • It's College Night tonight in the upper right field reserved with 2-for-1 tickets.  Everybody was really well behaved last time.
  • Padres are hosting a "Salute to the Negro Leagues" luncheon today.
  • Kyle Blanks bobblehead is tomorrow, but while he's on the DL he is still an important part of the team. "We're proud of Kyle and he has a great future with us."  Bobblehead should really be twice the size of the others.
  • Heath Bell wants his own bobblehead night.  He's a real classy guy.
  • Tom brought a sick child into the clubhouse last week and the team was really nice to him.  The whole team is made up of great guys.
  • Tom is spending Father's Day at the park with his kids.  They are going to try and bring some of the players dads out on the field.
  • "I've never seen a more exciting team."  Every play matters in these games and the team is playing their hardest.  "I'm just filled with pride to be part of this whole thing."
  • Go on and get $5 off per ticket if you buy them in advance.