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GM Hoyer has been impressed with Latos' talent and maturity so far

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith and Randy Jones

  • Before Hoyer knew Mat Latos he'd always heard about Latos' talent and his maturity.  "Immensely talented and people always talked about his maturity and I think that was something that was always a question."  Hoyer thinks people saw his tattoos and assumed he was a wild man, but he's been perfect on and off the field this year.Latos has focused harder on baseball and it shows. 
  • Latos is a guy with 4 pitches that throws strikes. Hoyer gives Latos a mulligan for his poor perfromances in his home state of Florida.
  • Hoyer thinks it is too early to say that offense is down around the league.
  • It was agreed system wide that it was a bad draft year for college players and that's why the Padres selected high school players to draft.
  • Hoyer is happy for Aaron Cunningham.  He struggled in Spring Training and the first month of the season.  He has an opportunity, but Hoyer won't say that he will stay with the club for very long.
  • Everth Cabrera will go on a rehab assignment early next week. The Padres are going to be overly cautious this time around.  "His legs are his game, until he can really run there is no point in bringing him back."
  • They want Tim Stauffer to get to a starter's pitch count before he comes back.
  • Hoyer blames himself for not having a good replacement for Chase Headley at third base.  They may give him a rest by putting Jerry Hairston at third.