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Padres kill Blue Jays with bats not BB gun has a headline for Aaron Cunningham that says "Aaron's Party: Grand slam helps Friars beat Jays".  Did they really reference an Aaron Carter song?  What's worse that they named a link after Aaron Carter or that I recognized the reference to an Aaron Carter song?  You decide.

Speaking of Aaron Cunningham he sure knows how to make a first impression.  A Grand Slam in his first at bat as a Padre Padres starter.  Has any other Padre ever done that?  Somebody look that up for me. 

[Note by jbox, 06/15/10 10:59 PM PDT ] CurbEnthusiasm comes through with the important stat.  Aaron Cunningham is the only Padre who's first hit was a grand slam.

You know what else I noticed?  The Blue Jays' uniform numbers are all sparkly.  It looks like they skinned a Twilight vampire and slapped it on the player's backs. 

Padres back to their winning ways.  Rubber match tomorrow.  Be there!


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