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Around the Mission: 6/14 Padres Links

Padres minor-league player Manuel "Nay" Hernandez, killed in combat during World War II via <a href=""></a>
Padres minor-league player Manuel "Nay" Hernandez, killed in combat during World War II via
  • Black returns after daughter's graduation | News
    Padres manager Bud Black was back in the dugout Sunday for the first time since Friday afternoon, as he returned after missing the past two games because of the graduation of his oldest daughter, Jamie, from Oregon State University.

  • The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli: RANDOMNESS
    Talks about his haircut, basketball and answers some questions.

  • Black happy with current lineup mix | News
    Padres manager Bud Black is never one to be too set in his ways as far as sticking with one particular lineup, though he said on Sunday that he's perfectly content with the current complexion of the lineup and its personnel.

  • Inside-the-park homer goes only so far in defeat -
    "It was fun while we were winning," said Gwynn

  • Pattern is swing and a miss in No.  1 spot -
    "You are seeing different pitches in a different situation when you are hitting No. 8," Gwynn said. "But you wouldn’t think the difference would be that great."

  • Padres get bullish as game goes late -
    "We feel good as the game goes on in a close game," the Padres manager said Sunday afternoon. "Not taking anything away from the other team, but we like the depth of our pitching."

  • PADRES: Hernandez pitches Mariners past Padres
    Entering Sunday's game with the Seattle Mariners, the Padres were 37-25. The last two times the club held that record were 1984 and 1998, the only two seasons in which the Padres have reached the World Series.

  • Unfinished Business: We're BACK!!
    My goodness Nick has been hot. I love that dude. In fact, he was so hot that he drove in our winning run with a sac-fly.

  • XX Sports Radio: Chris Denorfia (MP3)
    It's been a bumpy ride back, but Chris Denofia says he's in a good place w/the Pads. He discussed coming back from Tommy John surgery & why he takes nothing for granted.