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Padres players support using tasers on fans

Marty Caswell (Marty1090 Twitter) interviewed the Padres players yesterday about tasering fans:

I think tasing a fan is overkill. Only if a fan pulls a weapon or starts acting violently towards a player would I think it'd be necessary.

Why are these baseball players so scared of a fan? 99% of fans just run around on the field and don't even approach players. If a fan can out run security and catch a player than they belong on the field!

Hairston, Hundley and Headley are the only ones that say they'll just avoid the fan. Everybody else wants them tased, to fight them or throw a fast ball at them.

If there was a fight on the field between players, should teammates rushing out of the dugout and bullpen to join the fight be tased? I wonder how the players would answer that question.

It makes me uncomfortable how some of the Padres interviewed sound excited and eager to watch a fan get tased. They sound like sadists.

Video of the Phillies fan that was tased after the jump. See if you can spot which player was in danger from that Philly fan running in circles waving a towel because I can't.