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The importance of green comments

It has come to my attention that some of you may not know what a Rec is, how to give one, how to earn one, and the delight that comes when you earn them.

I will tell you a story.

Once upon a time, Gaslamp Ball 2.0 was born and along with it came the ability to Rec stuff.

Comments was one of the things that the Rec could be attached to. Recs were given to comments that readers agreed with, thought were particularly insightful, or just wanted others to notice. If you got three recs from your fellow Gaslamp Ballers, you would win a prize. Namely a green comment and a big asterisk or something. Others could visit comments sections at later dates and see the occasional green comment that highlighted the best of the Gaslamp Ballers.

All was good for a while.

After a while, the number of participants in any given comments section got to be such that one could visit any typical Open Thread and see really strange green comments. Or like 8 green comments in a row. Against jbox's wishes, I took action and upped the ante, forcing a requirement of 5 Recs to turn a comment green.

Fast forward to today. Gaslamp Baller Drama in a burst of sudden ego is threatening to write a "Diary" to rally something or another "against" us if we don't go back to 3 recs to make a green. He went on and on with me in chat today. When I threatened to ban him, he said that it would only make his "legend" grow and that we were being fascists, ignoring our people.

(Quick fact for the new readers: JBox and I aren't some sort of nation state or something.)

So I said, "OK What about 4." And Drama said, "THREE OR I ACTIVATE THE MECHANISM"

And then I was like, "ok eff it. I'm leaving it at 5, but I'll write a post and mention you and hopefully satisfy your ego."


And then I told Drama that he's living a real life version of A Beautiful Mind with this crazy imaginary army and mission except that the Beautiful Mind guy was really brilliant and Drama still refers to FanPosts as "Diaries".

So, I'm reminding everyone of the Rec thing. Please rec comments that you like. Five is a magic number, but it's not difficult to get. There were almost 50 people active in the open thread last night and several more lurkers. If you can get 10% of your fellow Gaslamp Ballers to agree with your comment or to enjoy it, you too can have a Green Comment and do whatever it is you do with it. Smoke it or something.

Unfortunately, Recs, while something that should be easy for everyone to particate in, are hidden behind a pain in the ass button labeled "Action". This is not my fault. I hate that stupid Action button too.