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Game Thread: 5/30 Pads vs. Nats

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Another glorious day in paradise. We're all heading down to the park this afternoon. Probably spend most of our time in the Park at the Park. I can never remember if the official name is "Park at the Park" or "Park in the Park". It's the same way I don't know if it's "Sex in the City" or Sex and the City". I guess it doesn't matter.

Padres need to take this series with the rest of the NL West still biting at our heels. Go Padres!

NL West Standings

San Diego 29 20 .591 0 Won 1
Los Angeles 27 22 .551 2 Lost 1
San Francisco 26 22 .541 2.5 Won 3
Colorado 26 23 .530 3 Won 1
Arizona 20 30 .400 9.5 Lost 6

(updated 5.30.2010 at 12:17 PM PDT)