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Padres Thoughts from Saturday's Game

  • Kev, Jon and I went to the Padres game on Saturday night.  They both showed up late, so I ended up sitting by the Tony Gwynn statue for an hour and read the entire Blue Print magazine from front to back.
  • I was watching What Not To Wear over the weekend and I was thinking that the Padres should do something similar for an in game segment.  You find a fan at the game dressed in ugly or old Padres gear and you take them into the Padres store and give them a makeover.  Hook them up with a new hat, t-shirt, jacket and a foam finger.  It'd be a good way to spotlight some of the new merchandise in the store.  The trick would be that they can't have their old gear back, so you can destroy it or make a museum in the Western Metal Supply of ugly Padres clothing.
  • Speaking of ugly Padres gear.  Remember last week when we were talking about the MLB's Turn the Clock Ahead Night back in 1999?  I saw a guy in the Park at the Park wearing one of the Padres futuristic jerseys.  Coincidence?!!
  • I like that the Padres are offering fans the ability to exchange XL give away jerseys for small jerseys.  Finally women, children and tiny men can wear Padres shirts.  It makes good sense and will let kids represent the team at school and indoctrinate their friends at an early age.
  • Instead of playing a tuneless Breaking Benjamin song for Heath Bell's entrance, the Padres should instead play the clip of Zeus releasing the Kraken from Clash of the Titans.  They could make it really dramatic. Like have Bell chained up in the bullpen and after the clip they show him break the chains and run out onto the field. That'd be sick. 

  • I admit it, my favorite part of the game was booing the umps.  I love it when the crowd kept booing every pitch even when the umpire called it a strike.  Our whole section was cracking up.
  • The Pad Squad were wearing their new uniforms on Saturday.  They no longer wear the Pad Squad jersey, but instead all wear assorted blue and gray athletic gear with Pad Squad screen printing.  I think the new gear looks nice, but it's almost impossible to tell the difference between the fans and the Pad Squad.  The uniforms act like crowd camouflage. Also the girl's gray booty shorts leave nothing to the imagination.
  • I really like Pad Squad Becki, she's so nice, just as nice as Pad Squad Andre but not a big show off like Andre. We see you Andre!
  • After the game I hung out a bit with Gaslamp Ballers matthewverygood, jodes0405 and her friend.  Here's what I learned about them.  matthewverygood gets whatever he wants just by flashing that terrific smile of his.  When jodes0405 talks to you she says things like she's writing you a thank you note.  "Dear jbox... your friend Jodes" It is really confusing and makes me uncomfortable.
  • We ran into John Weisbarth as we exited the Proper Gastro Pub.  Weisbarth is like Gandolf and Gaslamp Ballers are like his tiny hobbit friends.
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