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Open Thread, 5/29/2010: Padres vs Nationals

What's worse: A fairweather fan who only shows up when the team is winning and disappears for stretches when the team is losing... OR... A foulweather fan who might be around when the team is winning, but figures they'll do you a favor and try to tell you all the reasons why the team shouldn't be winning AND THEN has the gall to show up when the team is losing just to say "I told you so". And then when you call them out on it, they respond, "Oh believe me! I want to be proved wrong more than anyone! I've been a fan for so long. They've just broken me in half." That's fine, dude. Just don't expect people to be chipper around your sorrowful ass.

Personally, I'd rather be around fairweather fans. At least they're predictable. When they disappear during losses, I can wallow and feel bad just fine by myself. Plus, I don't think there's anything that will make a foulweather fan happy. Plus plus, I've got enough of an ego (I am hip to my own jive) that I don't need somebody acting like they're smarter than me.

Chances are, if you read this far, I wasn't talking about you. You and me, good fan. We'll watch the foul and fair weathers come and go.



Washington Nationals @ San Diego Padres

05/29/10 5:35 PM PDT

Washington Nationals San Diego Padres
Nyjer Morgan - CF Will Venable - RF
Cristian Guzman - SS David Eckstein - 2B
Ryan Zimmerman - 3B Adrian Gonzalez - 1B
Adam Dunn - 1B Chase Headley - 3B
Josh Willingham - LF Nick Hundley - C
Adam Kennedy - 2B Jerry Hairston Jr. - SS
Roger Bernadina - RF Chris Denorfia - LF
Wil Nieves - C Tony Gwynn Jr. - CF
J.D. Martin - P Mat Latos - P