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Minor criticism of an otherwise beautiful Throwback Thursday

I have a few minor complaints about today's Throwback Thursday. I know there aren't any official rules to Throwback Thursday but there are certain expectations. 

I didn't like the PA system playing Disco hits from the 70's before the game and in between some innings.  This isn't 70's night is it?  I don't need to hear anymore Bee Gees or "Shake your Booty". There is enough of that on regular game nights.  I thought we all agreed that we would only hear organ music.  Everything was so perfect on the first Throwback Thursday. Why did you have to go and change?  Remember when MTV Unplugged first started and they were really strict about only using acoustic instruments and then at one point they let Bruce Springsteen use all electric instruments.  What the hell was that? It certainly wasn't unplugged.

I was also disappointed to see the In Game Entertainment Host at the game.  How's this for an SAT style comparison? He is to Padres baseball as Jar-Jar Binks is to Star Wars.  That's fair, right?  It's just that his professional persona is so over the top when compared with the ordinary fans around him, that you can't help but be irritated by him.  Though, in fairness to him, I was especially irritable the last couple of days on account of being sick.  Also, I had a Pad Squadder defend him to me and swear up and down that he is the nicest guy ever, but I never said that Jar-Jar wasn't nice. Maybe I'm being too mean.

Still I enjoyed this Throwback Thursday like I did the last one.  The '78 uniforms were glorious. The elastic colorful belt-less waist band is what really ties it together. What were the official names of the colors back then?  Brown and Gold?  Yellow? Mustard? Regardless I love our old colors, I feel such a connection to them and it's great to see them on the field being worn by a new generation of Padres. Though I think we've lost both times we've worn them this season. Hmmm.